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Madlib Generator

This is a simple game that you can try out without having to download anything (click here to see examples – feel free to submit your own in the comments section!).  Note this game is an… More »

aquarium PC

Aquarium PC

For many years, I have wanted to create a PC submerged in mineral oil, but I didn’t do this because it isn’t easy.  Though mineral oil isn’t expensive (roughly $2/pint) it adds up when you need… More »

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Rants About Open Source

I am an extensive Linux user, and am a huge fan of open-source projects, software or otherwise.  There is plenty of proof of the potential in communal contributions, and even when there may only be a… More »

Productive Radiator

I am proud to introduce the PC that was once a time-killing machine that I transformed into to the most productive thing I own.  How?  By devoting its resources toward scientific and medical research, all while… More »

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Theoretical DisplayPort Networking

This is a theoretical idea on how to use DisplayPort/HDMI as a very high-speed network service, for the intended use of headless servers. Here’s how it works:On one system, you have your regular DisplayPort output, which is… More »