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So far, there are five games. This isn’t included in the Games page because these are Linux-only CLI games.

The first game is 20q (20 Questions). In this game, the computer picks a random word from a list of nouns and you have 20 chances to guess what it is. Because the computer could end up picking a word you don’t even know exists, your score only adds up whenever you get something wrong or whenever you use hints. This game is very difficult, even on Easy.

The second game is wordsearch. This is just a simple wordsearch generator—it picks a random word and randomly sticks it in a 20×20 grid in a random direction. The game closes after the grid is generated. This game is a little glitchy, there is a possibility that you can’t find the word but usually it works just fine.

The third game (my favorite), is called anagram. This game picks a random word and gives you an anagram of it. You have to unscramble the letters and pick the word it chose.

The fourth game is leet. This game will take a random phrase, change the characters of the text into leet, and you have to convert it back to normal Latin text. Leet can also be used to convert your own messages. If you type “leet ‘your message'” then it will convert your message and copy it to the clipboard for your convenience.

The fifth game is undefine. A random noun will be picked and you will be shown the definition of the word, but the word itself will be excluded from the definition. You must guess the word.

Depends on: aiksaurus, an, dict, fortune, xsel

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