Service Disclaimers

When purchasing my services, you thereby agree to the following terms when requesting my service, effective as of November 28, 2016:

  • If a login password is not specified and is required to complete the service, it is assumed that it is allowed to be removed.  No passwords of any kind will be hacked into.
  • If a hard drive backup is not requested and/or denied, you accept complete responsibility of any or all lost data.
  • In the event of a new or reformatted computer, it is your responsibility to install applications that you own a license to.  You may provide the software and licenses you wish to be installed, but the software can not be carried over between systems.
  • Depending on the issue, Macs are unlikely to be eligible for servicing, inquiries are welcome
  • Any additional non-destructive symptoms that I discover during a repair will be brought to your attention, but will not be fixed unless specified otherwise.
  • You will not be charged for delays I cause that are unrelated to you or your computer.  However, you may be charged for any destructive or regressive issues that hold back the task at hand.
  • Any blatant dissatisfaction with a service you encounter that relates to a recommendation I made can be reversed for free unless the product is damaged due to mistreatment or user activity.
  • All computers that I sell are tested as functional and have been set up specifically for your needs. I will only accept returns if the computer is unsatisfactory but functional, or, if the computer is nonfunctional and you did not void the warranty of any parts. Voiding the warranty includes (but is not limited to) putting magnets on the computer, distinctive physical damage, overclocking, spilling fluids, BIOS flashing, any foreign objects (including excessive dust or powdery materials), extreme temperature exposure, or usage of incompatible hardware.
  • If you are to return a nonfunctional computer that I sold to you, you will be refunded the labor costs and all parts that remain within warranty. Any parts that are not within warranty will not be refunded, however, you may still keep them if they are functional.

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