My name is Peter Schmidt and I am the owner of Zicronsoft. My goals are to create multi-platform games, innovate with computers, and improve the experience of the Linux operating system with user-friendly utilities.

I develop in:

  • PythonPython
  • DebianDebian
  • Arch LinuxArch Linux

Latest Posts

Winter Warland

Winter Warland is a unique multi-platform isometric shooter. This game contains a leveling system where after each level you get to upgrade nine different features of your character relating to your gloves, boots, and coat. During… More »

Whole computer with CPU heatsink on GPU

Video Card with CPU Heatsink

In August of 2010, I bought an AMD Athlon II x3.  I was surprised how puny the heatsink was. It was sufficient, but it didn’t do a very good job. The CPU heated up to 65C with the… More »

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RPGF: The Rabbyt Pygame Font renderer

Intended for Python and Pygame programmers This is a module I created that allows you to easily draw text using Pygame and the OpenGL sprite library, Rabbyt. is supposed to be imported.  Check out the… More »

Rectangular Fusion 2

Rectangular Fusion 2 is a unique real-time strategy game involving a battle of geometric shapes. You and the opponent have a rectangle (the base), and you must gather points and complete your rectangle 100% before the… More »


CAPture is a very simple turn-based game for 2 to 4 players on one computer. I got the concept from the board game called Trap the Cap, originally known as Coppit. The rules of CAPture are… More »