Linux Utilities

Here are some of my Linux-only utilities. These are designed to either give you more features in Linux where there is no easy solution, or a graphical interface to programs that don’t have one.

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Command Line Word Games

Shell Script So far, there are five games. This isn’t included in the Games page because these are Linux-only CLI games. The first game is 20q (20 Questions). In this game, the computer picks a random… More »

Screenshot for device power control

Device Power Control

Shell Script This script allows you to power off your hard drives (or any drive) whenever they won’t be in use. You can also power up drives that have been shut down and unmounted. All of… More »

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Shell Script The Nintendo Gameboy Color emulator, GNGB, is a nice program but comes with no graphical setup tool, so I simply just made my own. You can either run this by itself or open it… More »

Quick chroot

Shell Script I created a quick simple shell script to help you run chroot without having to type in all the commands to ensure it works. ┬áJust follow the instructions and you’ll be on your way… More »

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Shell Script This is a very user-friendly CLI script that can create a user-accessible filesystem out of your RAM. Why spend several hundred (or even several thousand) dollars on a RAM drive with highly limited read/write… More »

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Super UDF

Shell Script If you have ever tried creating an ISO image or burning an individual file greater than 2GB to a DVD, you may have encountered errors. Super UDF creates ISO images that overrides this issue.… More »