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Computer PartsI provide these computer services exclusively to residents in the Essex County area of Massachusetts as an on-site technician:

  • Upgrades – Replace or add parts for your computer with something faster or better. I also upgrade operating systems (for example, upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7).
  • Repairs – I fix virus/malware problems, defective hardware, boot failures, error messages, crashing/freezing, and much more.
  • Tuneups – You might have a good computer but it runs slow.  If this is the case, I can speed it up as if it were new.
  • New Builds – Sometimes a computer’s performance is limited by the age of its hardware, in which case it is time for a new build.  I can accommodate your financial needs with whatever purpose you need your new computer for.  I can build computers with brand new parts, or save you money and build a computer with used parts.
  • Mac Builds – I build Macintosh computers as well.  However, these will not be your typical Mac computer. More details »

Donate/Trade Old Hardware

If you have old computers or parts and don’t know what to do with them, I might take them off your hands.  Depending on the donation, you can get a discount for my other services or trade in for other parts.  Note that I will only take products with some sort of modern value.  If your computer’s hardware is older than 2007, it is probably of no use to me;  I do not recycle electronics.

I use the parts from donations to build secondhand computers for people who cannot afford a brand new one.  If this sounds like you, tell me what you need the computer for and what your budget is.  There is no guarantee I will have something of your specifications.  Since these computers will be mainly composed of used parts, the computer may have mismatched colors or have an OEM logo on it such as Dell (but may not have any original Dell parts).  They will be minimal and only be sufficient for what you request.


My services have four factors that conclude your bill:

  • Travel Fee – $2 per mile after 5 miles.  Feel free to e-mail me a map of the shortest distance; less work for me, lower fee for you.  If you like, you can drop off and/or pick up your computer to avoid this fee entirely (contact me personally if you intend to do this).
  • Service Fee – $20 per half hour (this does not include travel time). If I do not fix the problem or give an accurate diagnosis with a solution, you will not be charged for the Service Fee. The Service Fee does not apply to New Builds.
  • Product Costs (where applicable) – I am not affiliated with any company, so for any product I am installing (whether it is a new copy of Windows, an anti-malware program, or new memory), you will be required to pay the full price of the added product.
  • Labor (new builds only) – Along with the additional Product Costs of the hardware and software being installed, I also charge for my time and effort put into the build.  This will be 10% of the computer’s hardware and operating system costs.  Labor fees will be included with the product costs of the new build— the total price will be within your specified budget range.  For example, if you wanted a computer for $500, I would build a computer worth $450 and add $45 for labor.

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